Commerford comforted in court

Bradley Commerford of Derby appeared in court on Friday for a scheduled pretrial for four charges spanning two years. Although Commerford’s appeared on the May 20, his case was continued to Monday May 23, and then to August 29. His attorney asked that his bond be reduced and that the case be continued until after his July 28 sentencing in Hartford.

Commerford is scheduled to appear in Hartford on July 28 after accepting a plea agreement in New Haven courts on May 6. He pled guilty to providing heroin to an 18 year-old Shelton man .

He did not appear on Monday for the continuance of the pre -trial on four counts pending against him since the night he was arrested on Feb. 18.

The crimes listed under the four cases include violation of his probation for threatening in the second degree on May, 16, 2014. He is facing charges of violation of his probation for possession with intent to sell and dispense on Aug, 16, 2014. The third count is charges of violation of his probation for sale of a controlled substance on October 23, 2015.

The fourth count was for his arrest on January 15, 2016. He is facing charges for possession of half an ounce of marijuana, interfering with an officer and/or resisting arrest, failure to insure a private motor vehicle, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, and operating without a license.

On Friday when Commerford appeared in Derby court, he looked healthy and fairly happy. He was so excited to see his mother and girlfriend, Brooke Bizwerski, that he turned to say hello and was reprimanded by the Judge to pay attention.

When Commerford came out, his mother was also so excited that she reached over and hugged Bizwerski.

Bizwerski was with Commerford the night of his arrest on Feb. 18. She told police that night that they were on their way to Waterbury to get heroin from a man named Duke.

She was not arrested that night.

In Derby court, Bizwerski sat with Commerford’s mother waiting for him to appear.  The attorney had asked for a continuance for the case until Feb. 23. As Commerford left the courtroom his mother screamed. “I love you Bradley; call me tonight,”

Commerford was not in court on Monday, May 23 nor was his mother or girlfriend. The public defender asked the judge to reduce his bond and continue his case until after this July, which is when he will be sentenced for selling drugs to two Shelton men who overdosed on Feb. 16.

A Derby man would die the next day, on Feb. 17 from overdosed from drugs sold to him from Commerford.