Community searches for malicious driver

Shelton’s Animal Shelter is requesting help from the community in identifying a driver who intentionally ran over a flock of geese on Monday afternoon.

The Shelton Animal Shelter picked up this baby Canada goose from animal control. According to a release on the Shelton Animal Shelter Facebook, a bystander witnessed another driver intentionally drive into a flock of geese while they were crossing the road. This is the lone survivor who’s now at the vet being examined. This poor bird witnessed his entire family be slaughtered.

If you know the driver of the car or the license plate number at the Panera bread location off Bridgeport Ave., in Shelton, CT around the timeframe of 10 a.m.- 12 p.m. on June 11,2018  contact the 24-hour CT DEEP dispatch hotline at: (860) 424-3333, you can remain anonymous. It is illegal to intentionally harm or harass wildlife.