Conflicting messages from city

I was looking back through articles and found some interesting items, On May 25th the mayor said: “I think our Planning and Zoning Commission over the last 25 years has done an outstanding job for the city,” said Lauretti.

We had two federal investigations, people in jail and people let off the hook. On January 27th 2015 the mayor said: Lauretti said this new possible approach is needed now partly because some important light industrial land has been rezoned for other purposes by the Planning and Zoning Commission. He pointed to the Hawk’s Ridge project as an example of this, where 41 acres near Bridgeport Avenue will now be used mostly for residential homes.

“That’s my beef with Hawk’s Ridge,” he said. “We can put residential anywhere in this city and it works.”

I guess the Shelter Ridge site and it's LIP zoning was never considered then. But the city decided to "give it up" in 2017. The mayor and the P&Z Chairwoman have mentioned in the past the people should become more "educated" in the process. Well I did take them up on that. What I found was a violation of the muni code at the first Shelter Ridge proposal. I still and wondering why the commission we elected to protect us never brought that up. We have heard of a broken website, stenographer issues and lack of the requirements to meet the Freedom of Information act.

To wrap it up in a bow, we have the city trying to give a sweetheart deal to build a road in 2014. We have the city looking to take land through eminent domain to build 1/2 a road in 2015. We have the city upset about 41 acres changed from LIP to residential. Now in 2016 /2017 three times the acres of LIP were given up with P&Z and the mayor very proud and happy. Please mayor don't speak for all the people of our city. You don't represent many of us. We and development. Responsible development. We want light industrial at the UI site. We wanted a compromise at Shelter Ridge that would not give up as much land to a dying and soon dead retail market. We were hoping to see a change in this city for the better. When did it become all about the money? Now it looks like the only possible change we can look forward to is in November.