Cooking classes begin soon at Jones Farms in Shelton

“Farm-to-table” is more than a slogan at Jones Family Farms in Shelton. As a cooking school located on a farm, the classes in the Harvest Kitchen are able to use many ingredients grown on-site.

Seasonal foods are the focus for many sessions, showing how fresh ingredients make for healthier and delicious meals, according to a press release by the Western Connecticut Visitors Bureau.

The classes follow many creative themes, from ethnic cuisine like Japanese and Mediterranean to “Parties Inspired by Books,” with original menus inspired by volumes like The Great Gatsby or Pride and Prejudice.

The Essential Eating series encourages home cooking from scratch and building a nutrition-rich home pantry.

Three-hour classes are held most Saturdays from noon-3 p.m.. from the spring through the holidays. Most are limited to 12 participants.

Relaxed and informal

The sessions are relaxed and informal, a mix of demonstrations and hands-on activities suitable for beginners as well as experienced cooks. They conclude with everyone gathering around a big kitchen table to enjoy the meal they have prepared, along with a glass of the farm’s own wine.
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The first session will be April 11 at the 400-acre farm, where the Jones family has been working the land for over 150 years. Jean Jones, a licensed nutritionist who is married to fifth-generation farmer Terry Jones, originated the cooking classes in 2009.

Jones Family Farms offers strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins and Christmas trees during the course of the year, as well as a winery. Learn more about the cooking classes at