Couple tie the knot at Starbucks

Love started brewing for Shelton couple Kirk Spaziani and Jennifer Holdorf after they met about a year ago at the Starbucks.

That’s why, when they decided to take the plunge and make it official, they wanted to do it at 504 Bridgeport Ave. coffee shop. Last Sunday, with a gathering of about 30 friends and family and the occasional dumbfounded Starbucks customer passing through to get their caffeine fix, the couple said their vows.

“We would both always be doing work here,” the bride said of how the couple met. She was studying for her medical boards — she is now a naturopathic doctor and Kirk Spaziani is a software engineer.

They were married by the groom’s uncle, Professor Eugene Spaziani.

“It’s their ball game and it’s what they wanted,” Kirk’s father, Ray Spaziani said. “I think it’s kind of romantic.”

Starbucks manager Tim Foley said they were happy to host the couple’s wedding ceremony. The employees were excitedly preparing for the big day and even some who weren’t scheduled to work came in to congratulate the couple.

“We have a group of regular customers who come in and it’s become a meeting place and community spot,” he said.

While the couple and family planned to head to a local restaurant for the reception the ceremony wasn’t complete without a coffee toast and some Starbucks cake, which the couple fed to one another.