'Crowned' series hits the web

Josh Bednarsky and his wife Brianne Sanborn have launched their webseries Crowned, a “mockumentary” of their life in California. Three episodes have been uploaded to its YouTube channel.

Crowned features three Shelton alumni — Bednarsky, Kurt Peterson and Eddie Leavy. Rob Nolan was also cast in an episode that will be shot once more funding is secured.

Funding came in part from donations from the community. Bednarsky and his wife created a six-episode series that will appear on the web, but will look like it’s from any network TV station.

After the Bednarskys married in 2012 and moved to California, Sanborn quickly found a job as a Party Princess — she would dress up as characters such as Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Alice from Alice in Wonderland — and would entertain parties by singing, dancing and games.

“During these jobs all of these things would happen … a lot of them are ‘mockumentaryish,’” said Bednarsky in a previous interview with the Shelton Herald.

He said some of the stories have been embellished to make it more entertaining, but for the most part they are true. According to the script, the character Macey gets a last minute call to go to a party — she puts on a Pocahontas wig and goes, only to find 24 seven-year-olds dressed up as little mermaids. Or, another time she goes to the party as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, entertains for two hours before the mother says she should leave because she was too timid and had an unrealistic costume.

“Before you knew it, we had eight episodes written,” said Bednarsky. “Some of these princess parties are pretty kooky.”

New episodes are loaded on YouTube every Thursday at 4 p.m. PST.