DEADLINES NEAR: Shelton veterans are eligible for tax exemptions

The Shelton City/Town Clerk’s Office reminds all Shelton veterans who served in the U.S. armed forces during wartime, or who have a disability rating from the federal Department of Veterans Affairs, to file their honorable discharge papers with the clerk’s office on or before Tuesday, Sept. 30 in order to qualify for a veteran exemption.

If the papers are already on file, they need not be resubmitted.

When all requirements under state law are satisfied, the veteran is eligible for a $3,000 exemption — greater for those with a disability rating — that is applied to the assessed value of property.

Other programs available

According to city Assessor William Gaffney, additional programs are available.

A veteran whose adjusted gross income, plus Social Security, for the calendar year 2013 is less than  $41,600 if married, or  $34,100 if single, is eligible to file for an additional state and local program. Proof of income is required. Applications have been taken since February by the Assessor’s Office at City Hall, and will continue to be accepted until Wednesday, Oct. 1.

Any disabled veteran who received the statement form benefit payment record, VA Form 20-5455, from the Department of Veteran Affairs, and has never submitted it to the Shelton Assessor’s Office, is to do so by Sept. 30 in order to receive the disability exemption. Annual submission of VA Form 20-5455 is no longer required, unless the percentage of disability has changed.

Specially-equipped motor vehicle

Under a municipal ordinance passed by the Board of Aldermen in 1991, a disabled veteran, who owns a motor vehicle that is specially equipped for the purpose of adapting its use to the disability of the veteran, is entitled to total exemption from taxes on the vehicle.

Upon application of claim, documentary evidence is to be presented that the vehicle is specially equipped. Annual application is required. Forms are available at the Assessor’s Office, and are being accepted until Tuesday, Sept. 30.

For more information on veterans exemptions, call the Shelton Assessor’s Office at 203-924-1555, ext. 1365 weekdays from 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m.