Deadline nears: Clean out closets now for year-end tax break

During this busy and celebratory time of year, many people are looking for ways to give back. Donating to a local Goodwill is perhaps the easiest, most affordable and one of the most efficient ways to help.

When people unclutter their house by donating items like clothing, furniture, household items and books, they get a fresh start at home while giving others a fresh start — and they can get a tax deduction as well.

Nearby Goodwill stores and drop-off centers are in Monroe and Milford.

Helping others become independent

Goodwill uses the revenue earned from donations for job training and placement services that put people in the local communities on the path to employment success so they can become independent and self-sufficient.

This year, Goodwill of Western and Northern Connecticut — its service area includes Shelton — has helped more than 20,000 people find greater independence.

Get receipt for tax deduction purposes

By donating, people can get some money back from Uncle Sam. Goodwill provides donors with a receipt for tax purposes. To take advantage of a end-of-year tax write-off, people need to beat the Dec. 31 deadline.

General guidelines for taking tax deductions for donations can be found in IRS publications 526 and 561.

Call 800-423-9787 or visit for a list of Goodwill of Western and Northern Connecticut donation locations and hours, for further information, or to make a direct financial donation.