Dealing with a troubled adolescent, stressed relationship or pornography addiction

The Sterling Center for Counseling and Family Relations in Shelton will offer educational workshops for individuals, parents and couples during the spring at its local office, 731-C Bridgeport Ave. For information call 203-929-2400 and ask for the educational coordinator.

Surviving Adolescence:

An eight-week class for parents of adolescents who are being tested by struggles with their youngsters for independence, dating, technology obsessions, poor communication and conflict. The course will use the STEP Parenting Teenagers manual, and includes the sharing of experiences and consultation with an adolescent counselor. Begins May 6.

Improving Relationships:

A program for couples wanting to enhance their relationship with their significant other (married or living together). Stress, disagreements and the pressures of living together and trying to raise a family can cause a couple to distance themselves from each other time. Learn how to communicate better and address issues negatively affecting a relationship. Begins May 14.

Pornography Addition — Why Can’t I Just Stop?:

Excessive use of pornography is a direct cause of many relationships breaking down, job losses, isolation, secretiveness and, sometimes, problems with the law. Despite the negative consequences, like with other addictive behaviors both the body and the mind can become acclimated to the use of pornography. In some cases, it can become so overwhelming that an individual cannot stop without help and without using the techniques discussed in this eight-week class. Begins May 22.

The Sterling Center for Counseling and Family Relations has been providing educational and treatment services to the community since 1977. The agency also has an office in Cromwell.