Dishian presented with Innovative Teacher Award

Shelton’s Board of Education recently presented a fifth grade teacher at Perry Hill Elementary with its first monthly Innovative Teacher Award.

Courtney Dishian, a fifth grade teacher at Perry Hill Elementary School, was announced as the recipient of the new monthly district award presented by the Board of Ed for her innovative work with her students.

Superintendent Dr. Chris Clouet said Dishian brings many skills to the table, but her ability to establish strong connections with her students to the classroom has proven to have a lasting impact.

“When you say you want someone that’s going to be in your child’s classroom that’s going to change their lives, this is that person” said Clouet.

Dishian said she makes it a priority to learn what her students’ interests are in order to establish the relationships that ultimately contribute to their learning experience.

“What’s important to them becomes important to me,” said Dishian.

Perry Hill Elementary School Principal Lorraine Williams said Dishian is an extremely hard-working teacher and she’s thankful to have her on her staff.

“I could be in her class for 15 minutes without her knowing that I’m there because she’s so busy running the entire class and nothing interrupts her hard work,” said Williams. “She’s becoming a leader in the district and is going for her 092 (Intermediate Administrator, 092, Certification), so she’s doing an internship with me so I’ve had the pleasure of really talking with her in depth every week. We talk philosophy, we talk education, she’s on the school improvement team, she does the newspaper, she’s a teacher in the after-school program and always willing to just jump in. We have a great staff at Perry Hill, and she’s just one of the excellent teachers we have.”

Board of Ed member Amanda Kilmartin said her son attends Perry Hill and he has loved his experience with Dishian as his teacher.

“Courtney is one of his favorite teachers — that doesn’t even cut it. She’s one of his favorite humans that he’s ever met,” said Kilmartin. “This is very well deserved.”

Dishian was awarded the 2016 Weller Excellence in Teaching Award in recognition of her project titled “Out of the World Alien Project.” The goal of the project was for students to research a planet of their choosing and construct a 3-D model of an alien that could live on the planet based on the planet’s features.