Do they tow cars in Shelton for snow removal work? Well, take a look


In preparation for future snowstorms, the Shelton Public Works Department has been clearing snow piles from the sides of roads, especially in the densely-developed downtown area.  (Photos by Brad Durrell)

Working in tandem with the Shelton Police Department, “Emergency Order: No Parking, Tow Zone” notices posted on sticks are placed on the roads in advance to make sure there are no cars on them when the streets are to be cleared.

Last Friday, public works crews focused on Coram Avenue near St. Joseph’s Church for a period. A snowstorm had been predicted for Saturday.

A section of the road was closed off temporarily and a payloader and Bobcat-type vehicle went to work, as shown in these photos.

At least one motor vehicle — a black-colored SUV — had to be towed from the road to allow snow removal operations to take place.

Click below to see the city's winter parking regulations: