Donations for those affected by Harvey being collected @ St. Joe's in Shelton

With a seemingly large amount of the country paying attention to those being directly affected by the several hurricanes currently running their course, some have taken the initiative to think of ways to help those in need.

In the Echo Hose Volunteer Fire Co.’s efforts alone, on Saturday and Sunday Sept. 2 & 3, they were collected donations of food, water and hygienic products from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. In total they collected 15 pallets which is half of an 18 wheeler.

“It’s priceless,” said Kristen Ostrowski who is the Event Chair for the Auxiliary. “We did the Howe Avenue relief fund for the fire back in Jan. 2014 and now this is phase 2. It’s nice because we don’t know anybody down there, but we know they could use some help. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for the community.”

Despite all of the collections that were raised with the help from the community, the need for more items and products is equally as important as it was before the donations began.

Luckily, the Echo Hose family wasn’t in this effort alone and students from Shelton High School met over at St. Joseph's school in Shelton to pack some of the donations which will be driven via two 18-wheelers to Houston.

“It feels good to be helping people out who really don’t have much at this time,” said Kylie Swatt of the Shelton Youth Service Bureau.

“We’re still collecting pretty much everything but can always use more diapers, water and canned food, said Noah Swatt of the Youth Service Bureau. “Anything that you can give is greatly appreciated.”

Donations will be accepted at St. Joes until early Saturday morning because that’s when the trucks will be packed and leaving. According to volunteers, there is still a high demand for clothes, water, kids toys, bathroom products and hygiene products.

Donations will be accepted at St. Joe’s until early Saturday morning because that’s when the trucks will be packed and leaving.