Doyle creates ‘The Communion Closet’ to benefit community

Marisa Doyle, a local Shelton resident and Junior at St. Joseph High School in Trumbull, created a way to help students of families who face dress wear costs associated with the sacrament of First Holy Communion.

Doyle created "The Communion Closet" at her parish, St. Joseph Church based off an idea used she saw while she attended St. Joseph Elementary School.

“Parents at the school created this thing at called the ‘Uniform closet’ where students could drop off old uniforms and other people could use them when they needed them or wanted to,” said Doyle. “I thought it would be great if we used the same idea for communion dresses and tuxes.”

As an alumni of St. Joseph Elementary School, she said she realizes how fortunate she was to celebrate and participate in her communion with her classmates and wanted to give back to those that may have a need.

The closet has been open for a little over two weeks and have already received donations of 8 dresses and 5 tuxedos. According to Doyle, dresses can also be returned for reuse as long as they are only lightly used.

“I think this was pretty good for the first week,” said Doyle. “I really want people to know that this isn’t just for less fortunate people, it’s really a community thing designed to help eachother out.”

The Communion Closet offers a variety of communion clothing to boys and girls who will be making their Communion in the spring. Donations of gently used communion dresses, suits and accessories are now being accepted and are not limited to members of the church.

Items can be dropped off or selected from the Communion Closet after all masses, in the Church Hall, 50 Fairmont Place, Shelton.To arrange a pickup, contact email: