Drive planned to help homeless pets

Pet sitters throughout the area are holding a collection to help homeless animals in local animal shelters have a more comfortable life. Called the Presents 4 Pets collection campaign, it is held in support of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, Nov. 4 through 10.

As part of the national campaign, professional pet sitters across the country are sponsoring local campaigns in coordination with the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS).

NAPPS member Mandy Oram of Paws and Kisses Pet Sitting Service on Bridgeport Avenue is hosting the 2012 Southern Connecticut Presents 4 Pets campaign to benefit homeless animals in the community.

The goal of Presents 4 Pets is to help pets living in animal shelters by providing pet care items needed to help keep shelters operational and animals comfortable and safe.

"Through this program, we seek to generate awareness of community animal shelters and rescue organizations and the important role they serve," Oram said.

The local campaign runs from mid-September until the first week of November. As part of this campaign, Paws and Kisses and other NAPPS campaign hosts across the country are reaching out to their clients and the local community and encouraging them to collect and donate pet care products for the cause. Items such as pet food, treats, toys, blankets, towels, rugs, beds, leashes, collars and cat litter are all being sought.

"This is a great opportunity for all animal lovers, pet owner or not, to get involved and make a difference," said Cynthia Socha of H3 Pet Supply of Shelton and Stratford. "The donations collected will support shelters and rescue groups and possibly save lives."

During the campaign, donation boxes will be in place in local businesses to collect the donations.

"Please visit the campaign website at, for details on how you can help," Oram said. "We would also like to invite local businesses, condo associations, vets, etc. to get involved by hosting a donation box."

For more information, contact Oram at 203-922-2643 or or visit