Education board member to leave after serving 8 terms

It is with huge regret that I will not run again for a 9th term for office on the Shelton Board of Education.  My reason for this decision is to deal with a pressing family health issue that is now requiring all of my time (24/7).

I would like to not only reflect upon my time on the Board of Education but also thank all who have supported not only myself but also the entire school system over the last 16 years to help move it forward.  I also want to thank those who supported me during my two runs for state representative over the years. I have worked with some incredible people in my sixteen years on this Board of Education and on all of the committees and boards I have served. Regardless of political affiliation or philosophy I have always worked with my colleagues and other stakeholders for the betterment for our Shelton kids.

I am proud of all the accomplishments that have happened while I have served on the Shelton Board of Education, starting with the strategic plan , building of SIS, renovations of SHS, BHS, and Perry Hill, and Capital improvements. I was a part of the $2.5 million technology committee along with the FDK committee. I have served with five BOE Chairs along with four  Superintendents, and have personally served in all leadership positions .

I will also truly miss representing Shelton on the Cooperative Educational Services (C.E.S.) board where I also served as President of their governing board for the last nine years. My colleagues on that board have been incredible.

My commitment and passion for public education has never wavered nor has my commitment to children. I will always be very supportive of not only the Shelton school district but also public education in general.

I am grateful for having had this extraordinary opportunity to serve the community.