Energy provider collects 40 pounds of trash for beach cleanup

Retail energy provider Discount Power, Inc., which is based in Shelton, teamed up with Save the Sound to do an International Coastal Cleanup event in which volunteers collected over 40 pounds of trash and 18 pounds of recycling along a Short beach in Stratford.

International Coastal Cleanup events offer volunteers the chance to visit local beach and clean miles of beachfront. Discount Power’s Chief Operating Officer Joel Glassman said the volunteers headed out to Short Beach for approximately two hours when it was low tide so they could clean as much of the beach as possible.

The event was only a part of Discount Powers “green” initiative and plan to give back to the state of Connecticut.

Glassman said the company’s ultimate goal is to continue to find ways to improve the quality of life within the state. Discount Power has recently announced its now offering residence/businesses in the state of Connecticut a green energy option with 100% wind energy.

According to Discount Power’s website, the company acquires renewable electricity for its green products in the form of grid power plus renewable energy certificates (RECs) sourced from national wind generators. REC’s represent the environmental attributes of power generated from renewable energy generation.

“Wind is carbon free generation source which is better for the environment. It’s also way that we can try to improve our future and by purchasing these renewable energy credits, on behalf of our customers, we help to continue the cycle of further green electric generations,” said Glassman. “By signing up for Discount Power’s green products, you will ensure that every kilowatt-hour of electricity you use is from clean renewable energy.”

Glassman credits the team of employees and volunteers for helping to make ideas such as the wind energy option for customers be successful.

“A goal for the company is to make it to where our employees all know they are a part of something bigger than them,” said Glassman.

He added that part of the proceeds obtained through the sales of the company’s green products will be donated to a local charity that works with the environment.

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