Family gets new tree to replace one donated to Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center has followed through on its promise to plant a new tree in the front yard of the Vargoshe family home on Kazo Drive.

The new tree will replace the 76-foot-tall Norway spruce the Vargoshes donated to become the 2013 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

Three family members went with a Rockefeller Center representative to pick out a new tree at TLC Nursery in Monroe.

They selected another Norway spruce, about 13 feet tall, which Rockefeller Center representatives then had planted in the same location as the donated tree.

'It fills the void'

“The yard doesn’t look so empty anymore,” said Adam, one of the family’s two teenage sons.

“It fills the void,” agreed father John.

Son Noah said it was “weird” to have a different tree in the front yard. He misses the former tree’s “sitting branch,” which was a lower branch that people could comfortably sit on.

John Vargoshe likes the shape of the new tree. “It’s a nice wide one,” he said.

Noah said his friends are happy the family now has a replacement tree. ”Everyone was excited we’re getting a new tree,” he said.

Touching up the yard

Rockefeller Center representatives also planted grass and did some other touch-up work on the yard, still recovering from all the people and equipment — including a huge, heavy crane — needed to cut down and move the tree last November.

It’s been about six months since all the hoopla died down from the Christmas tree donation. The tree had been on display at the famed midtown Manhattan location through Jan. 7.

Family members — including mom Louise — said they will always look back fondly on the experience, despite some overwhelming moments along the way.

“It was a good new story — and people liked talking about it,” John said.