Finn retires from Library Board

After serving on the Board of Directors for the Shelton Library System for over 30 years, Harriet Finn has decided to step down and retire.

“Harriet has been a loyal Board Member and has always been there for us,” said Barbara W. Glover, chairman of the board. “She has been a great library advocate.”

Harriet has served as the Board’s Treasurer for the last several years, and has always attended to the social health of the library community of hard-working volunteers and staff.

Board members are elected officials that serve for six year terms, and are tasked with overseeing both of Shelton’s libraries, the library system’s electronic presence and the Homebound Delivery Service. Library usage has grown considerably during her tenure — growth that was aided by the addition of the Huntington Branch in 1991.

“Harriet always acts with a great deal of class and dignity,” said Shawn Fields, branch director. “She is a warm and caring person who has a great sense of humor, and we will miss her presence on the Board immeasurably.”

Harriet can often be found at library events, especially children’s programs at the branch that she attends with her great-granddaughter. She is a great example of how a commitment to service can benefit an entire community.