Fire Chief shares winter safety tips

Shelton’s fire Chief Francis Jones has issued the following tips to help residents stay as safe as possible during the rest of the winter.

During the colder months people become more reliant on the use of their furnace and fireplaces due to the colder weather. Chief Jones said in order to take preventative measures, he advises residents to clear a three foot space around the diameter of your furnace. He also stated the importance of people properly disposing of their ashes collected from their fireplace.

“To prevent the ashes from igniting a fire the safest way to dispose of them is to place them in a metal bucket and submerge them in water,” said Jones. “People’s biggest mistake is putting them somewhere close to something that can catch fire should the ashes blow in that direction.”

Jones said that people should also refrain from using candles and instead consider using removable lights that can be stuck onto surfaces through the use of a sticky material on the back.

Chief Jones advises residents to keep a stash of 9 volt batteries in their home in the event that one of their smoke detectors begins to beep. In the event of substantial snowfall, Chief Jones asks residents for their help to keep fire hydrants clear.

“It can be tough to do, but with your guys help it can save a fire department from having to spend minutes digging out a hydrant in the event of an emergency,” said Jones while explaining that the city’s department has a system in place to help locate the hydrants during snow storms.

The city’s fire chief also emphasized the importance of people knowing where and how to shut off their water in case their pipes should freeze.