Former alderman advocates for Lauretti

During the last quarter century and even before that time the men and women who were elected to be Connecticut Governors have dug the state into debt beyond belief.  We are losing the wealthiest and youngest people of our state because of our extreme taxes and no prospects of quality jobs in the state.

During this same time, under the leadership of Mark A. Lauretti, the city of Shelton has overcome the problems which have plagued the state of Connecticut and many other states.

Shelton’s budget has been balanced and for 19 of the past 25 years the tax rate has either stayed the same or been lowered like it was for the 2017-18 fiscal year. Pensions are paid in full, insurance costs are held in check, day to day expenses are carefully controlled, school programs and facilities have improved despite the state of Connecticut cuts to the budget and no tax credits or concessions have been utilized to attract any company to move to Shelton or to expand their business within the city of Shelton.

The city of Shelton has become a haven for the local workforce - 25,000 people come to Shelton to work daily, the tax base has gone from $1 billion to over $5 billion and the number of companies in Shelton has grown 500% to over 1,500 businesses. These very real and very important facts have somehow been passed over or purposely not reported by the Connecticut media.  

Mark Lauretti’s upfront style and hands on management are very much what is needed in Hartford.  Mark A. Lauretti has more real-time experience in office overcoming the day to day challenges of government administration than any of the other governor hopefuls.

The bottom line is there is no one more qualified and more ready, willing and able to turn Connecticut around financially and return it to the economic giant it once was than Mark A. Lauretti.  Over 35 Blue Chip companies were once anchored in Connecticut; we were a military factory superpower that manufactured the bullets, guns, tank and aircraft engines, helicopters, submarines, and NASA space suits.  The Connecticut economy can only grow and prosper with Mark A. Lauretti as Governor.