Former resident celebrates Mass in Shelton

Father Karlo Hocurscak, a former Shelton resident, came to celebrate Mass at St. Lawrence Church on Aug. 24.

He was joined by Father Joseph Palacino of St. Jerome’s Parish in Norwalk, formerly of St. Joseph Parish in Shelton when Hocurscak was a youngster. It was Palacino who taught Hocurscak and his brothers, Michael and Steven, to be altar servers. Not long after, he became  known as "Grandpa."

“There’s no words that can describe the tremendous blessing and happiness that overflowed in our hearts,” Nancy Hocurscak wrote of her son.

In addition to Hocurscak and Palacino, Father Ignacio Ortigas and Deacon Frank Masso, both of St. Lawrence Parish, and Father Milan Dimic of Notre Dame of Easton, had all come together to concelebrate Mass that day.