Four-lot subdivision proposed for Mohegan Road

A four-lot subdivision has been proposed for a five-acre property at 194 Mohegan Road, which once housed a veterinarian office.

Based on information discussed at the June meeting of the Shelton Inland Wetlands Commission (IWC), the site includes some wetlands in one corner, and one house is proposed to be built about 50 feet from the wetlands.

A neighbor was present at the meeting and said the wetlands area includes more water than indicated by the developer's maps. The neighbor presented photos to the IWC. "The water extends far beyond the area that is shown," said the neighbor, adding that basement flooding has been a problem in his home.

Staff was expected to look into the wetlands area, which could potentially be a vernal pool. Wetlands are determined by soil type in Connecticut, not by how wet an area is, but the IWC also regulates ponds, marshes and waterways.

The developer, 194 Mohegan Estates, has received Zoning Board of Appeals approval for a common driveway for two of the housing lots. The other two lots would have separate driveways connecting to Mohegan Road.

The lots would have septic systems and access to public water. The property is between Hearthstone Drive and Far Mill Street.

Also at the meeting, the IWC approved a six-lot subdivision on a 10.6-acre property at 69 Pearmain Road. A potential seventh lot on the land was eliminated to create new open space, based on a Conservation Commission request. The property borders existing open space.

The housing lots will have septic systems, and the developer -- known as 69 Pearmain Estates -- will extend the city's storm water drainage system to the site. Pearmain Road is a dead-end street off Birdseye Road, close to Route 110, in White Hills. The development site would be at the end of the road.

Aquarion Water Co. raised some concerns that were addressed by the applicant, including with the elimination of the seventh lot. The site is near the Means Brook and Aquarion's Means Brook Reservoir.