Freestyle frisbee fun

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a frisbee!

Children between the ages of 5 and 10 came out to the Huntington Branch Library last week on July 30 to learn some of the basic principles and history of “frisbeeing” from two-time World freestyle champion, Todd Brodeur.

The 20 plus children and parents who took part in the interactive playshop spread out in the library’s gymnasium and watched as Brodeur showed off some of his frisbee collection as well as some tricks for them all to practice.

He showed the kids how to roll the frisbees across their chest, throw them high, low, and even how to dribble like pros.

Brodeur said he has over 1,000 frisbees in his collection and remembers getting his first one as a gift from his teacher back in the fourth grade.

“My teacher knew how much I loved playing with the frisbee so at the end of the school year she gave it to me,” said Brodeur. “That’s where it all began and I have loved it (frisbeeing) ever since.”

With frisbees ranging from the shape of donuts to ones with feathers attached to them, Brodeur also included little lessons about the importance of the kids watching their diets and not bullying one another into his playshop.

The kids were taught the importance of a strong work ethic while enjoying time to invent tricks of their own.

Lou Dagostine brought his two grandchildren out to the event and said he’d like to see them stick with the hobby because of how much fun they were having.

“They look like they’ve learned a lot too,” said Dagostine. “It’s just another reason for them to get out of the house and play. Hopefully they’ll take what they learned home with them and continue to practice.”