Furry friends gather at K9 Karnival

Many people throughout the Shelton community and the surrounding towns, came down to the Shelton Riverwalk with their dogs in attendance of the 14th annual Trap Falls’ annual AKC event, Responsible Dog Ownership Day, aka the K9 Karnival.

Upon entering the Riverwalk, there were two small children’s pools filled with water used for cooling down the dogs. There was also a hose available to help keep them hydrated.

Immediately past the pools, there was a fenced-off area that featured obedience training if it was required. The event also featured several tents that offered grooming services, pet treats,  and doggie fashion.

Children’s author Rick Arruzza was present for the event and brought along a table full of his books. Arruzza said his former dog Sparky, who was a pitbull/pointer mix, was the inspiration for his books. Unfortunately, she passed away on Sept. 9, 2011 at the age of 13 years old, due to cancer and kidney disease. Each book that Arruzza sells, a $1 of the proceeds goes toward Adopt-A-Dog, which is where Sparky came from.

Other vendors at the Karnival included Coy’s Toys, Toby’s Treasure Box, The Little Dog Laughed and many others. The lawn was filled with many people to meet and plenty of treats for the furry friends to enjoy. Some of the booths also had natural made dog treats in various flavors, dog collars with unique designs, and even treats such as oils for the people. Under the pavilion, there were various raffles.

“This was such a great day for Bruiser. He loved playing with all of the dogs and even made some new friends,” said Patty Shields of Shelton.

At the Countryside Veterinary Hospital, they were doing microchip inserts at a donation price of $10. With a microchip inside your pet, it is easier to locate them, because they can be tracked via a monitoring system.

“I feel so much better now that my boxer Dena is microchipped. Sometimes in the morning, she likes to run off, and with this chip, it gives me peace of mind,” said Jessica Aerica.

There were many places for dogs to socialize throughout the day and plenty of cooling stations that had places for dogs to get a drink of water. In addition to the vendors, there were police dog demos, carting dog demos, Lucky Dogs Adventures Lure Coursing, raffles and contests, a meet-the-breeds parade, and food trucks.

For more information on the Trap Falls Kennel Club, you can visit their website: http://trapfalls.org/.