Future of Echo Hose firehouse to be determined

The future of the Echo Hose Fire Company’s Coram Avenue firehouse will be determined when a fourth study on its garage floor is completed in the near future, according to Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti.

“The cost to replace the floor will determine what we finally end up deciding on the fate of that building,” said Lauretti. “We have to be able to determine whether it makes sense to replace the entire floor, and if it’s safe.”

The fire department has been waiting for the study on the floor to be completed since April, when the staff noticed a depression in the floor where the fire trucks are typically stored. Since then, the fire company’s two heaviest trucks have been relocated to the maintenance facility, close by.  

“The progress is that the floor is deteriorating and we’re not going to let the fire trucks stay on the floor, so we have to decide what we’re going to do,” said Lauretti. “I’m not sure that it warrants spending several hundred thousand dollars to repair the floor. That could possibly go toward a new building.”

Shelton fire Chief Francis Jones said a structural engineer did visit the firehouse to do an evaluation last week, but no tests have been completed as of this time.

“The engineer is currently preparing a proposal for building maintenance,” said Jones. “We’ve been working through the issues, and we still have Engine 2 at the firehouse as well as the utility vehicles.”

Jones said it’s not clear when the study will be completed and his staff is operating normally while awaiting a decision from the city.