Girl Scout promotes diversity via Booth Hill Elementary mural

Shelton Girl Scout Olivia Wong is nearing the conclusion of her year long, seven-step project to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award — the most prestigious award in Girl Scouting.

Over the past year, Olivia partnered with Booth Hill Elementary School to make a difference in the community by creating an interactive mural promoting diversity and inclusion. The mural, along with age-appropriate lesson plans that she developed with fourth grade teacher, Karen Keyes, will support the Shelton Public Schools’ commitment to providing an inclusive environment for students, teachers, and their families.

Olivia designed the mural to be both a piece of public art, and for the teachers to use in promoting an understanding of world citizenship. According to Olivia, the figures holding hands around the globe represent how diversity and unity go hand-in-hand. They depict people from around the world following their own pattern, because no one is obligated to follow one way.

The figures are also used in lesson plans developed by Olivia that encourage students to appreciate the strength of inclusion. Olivia taught two lessons in Mrs. Keyes classroom: one on the meaning of multicultural and monocultural environments, and one that asked students to share culture and traditions from their heritage.

Olivia, Girl Scouts, and Shelton Public Schools recognize the unique value every individual brings to our community. Their combined mission is to ensure the students in our schools recognize that same value.

Olivia will find out soon whether her project has earned her Gold Scout status.

“Diversity is a beautiful thing. If everyone were the same, wouldn’t that be boring?,” said Olivia Wong.