Groups raising money to help injured cat

A cat with a dislocated hip and broken leg needs a surgery to save his life, and the public is asked for help.

UPDATE Sept. 27 — Bentley has had his surgery, but there is more help that he needs.

Compassion for Cats, a 501c-3 cat assistance group, in conjunction with the Shelton Animal Shelter, is trying to raise funds to help Bentley, a cat found injured on a rural road. Members of the group said that despite his painful injuries, he is very friendly and affectionate.

Due to budgetary constraints, his future looks doubtful without this necessary surgery. He has had surgery on Sept. 24, but money is still needed to help with his recovery.

The group has formed a fund-raising web page on, by searching for Please Help Bentley The Cat (make sure to check the Shelton page).

Or, just click here.