When Connecticut writer and artist Carol Wallace started looking for a font for her new book “Daisy’s Reality Show Adventure,” she wanted something that was light and whimsical.

She found it in Ruly, a font — or typeface — created by Housatonic Community College webmaster Rich Hubbard, who has developed more than 15 fonts, including 10 based on people’s handwriting.

Wallace, a career gallery artist from Barkhamsted, began writing the book after being diagnosed with a severe heart ailment. “I did it to amuse myself, to make myself laugh,” she said.

The subject was reality television shows — and the approach, satirical. The book looks at reality shows as seen through the eyes of a rat terrier named Daisy who pursues, as the cover of the book says, fame and fortune in “a doggy tale world of show biz.”

Reflecting the story’s lighthearted tone

As Wallace readied the book for publication, she wanted a font that would reflect the lighthearted tone of the book. “I wanted a font that was playful and whimsical, and looked like something a dog would write,” she said.

She mentioned this to Hubbard, who was handling Wallace’s website for her. He suggested Ruly, a font made from the handwriting of a friend that has become his most popular over the years.

“It’s a great font to use,” said Hubbard, a Torrington resident. “It has a comic-book feel to it and has also been used in greeting cards.”

He e-mailed it to Wallace, who loved it.

Housatonic Community College is a state-supported, two-year institution of higher learning in downtown Bridgeport. It serves the greater Bridgeport region, including Shelton.

Book being launched

Wallace is launching the print edition of her book this month with book signings in Arizona and California.

At the signings, she sits at a table with a pile of books to one side. Behind her, on an easel, sits a blow-up of the opening page of the book, including text set in Rich Hubbard’s font.

To view a selection of Hubbard’s font, go to www.myfonts.com/foundry/Enrich_Design/.

For information on Carol Wallace’s book, go to www.daisydogenterprises.com.