Highland Rovers perform at Shelton's Riverwalk

The Highland Rovers will perform tonight, Wednesday, at 7 p.m. at the Riverwalk (Veterans Memorial Park) on Canal Street in downtown Shelton.

The July 16 performance is part of the Music Under the Stars weekly concert series that usually takes place at the Huntington Green.

The shows are held outdoors and usually last about two hours. People should bring lawn chairs and blankets. They also can bring picnic food and refreshments, with food trucks setting up in the area as well.

Plenty of parking at the site

Parking at the Riverwalk venue is available in the Shelton Farmers Market parking lot and nearby public streets.

The concerts are organized by the Shelton Parks and Recreation Department, with the support of private sponsors.

The concert series returns to the Huntington Green next week, with Gunsmoke performing country muysic on July 23.

Rhythms, bagpipes, fiddle and vocals

The Highland Rovers Band fuses popular rock percussive rhythms, bagpipes, fiddle and vocal harmonies. The band’s music appeals to both mainstream modern rock lovers and culturally diverse audiences searching for a distinct Celtic flavor.

The band is now is celebrating its 20th year, having been formed in 1994.

During the past two decades, the band has played Irish pubs, clubs, festivals and casinos throughout the New York metro area, along the Eastern seaboard and around the country. Venues have ranged from well-known Irish drinking establishments to Shea Stadium.

Performed with many top Irish bands

The band has performed with top Irish artists such as the Saw Doctors, Young Dubliners, The Wolfetones, Tommy Makem and The Spain Brothers, Derrick Warfield, Bad Haggis and The Prodigals.

The Highland Rovers also played numerous shows with their longtime friends and mentors, the Marshall Tucker Band.

The band has produced five albums to date with their most current CD being, “Live... From County Fairfield.”

Find out more about the band at highlandrovers.com.