Hike Birchbank Mountain and experience letterboxing

Adults and older children are invited to a hike to try an old world pursuit of letterboxing, involving elements of hiking, uncovering clues and folk art in the form of hand-carved rubber stamps.

Hikers will explore the main trail at Birchbank Mountain and look for the Housatonic Forest letterboxes, starting Saturday, Sept. 14, 10 a.m.

Allow two hours and be prepared for an ascent of 250 feet. Bring something to drink, and you may want to have a trail name and a rubber stamp that you will use to represent yourself whenever you find a box.

In addition, you might want to bring a logbook that you can stamp with the rubber stamps that are found in each letterbox. Lead by Trailhead Tessie, she will bring ink and some blank 3x5 cards to stamp for those without logbooks.

Meet at the Birchbank trailhead, located on Indian Well Road one mile past the beach entrance at Indian Well State Park, where the road bends sharply right to cross the railroad tracks.

Registration is required and limited to 12 people. Email conservation@cityofshelton.org. Raindate is Sept. 21 at the same time. Letterboxing for families will be held on Sept. 28.