Honesty in government

I want to thank the Shelton Herald for a wonderful article on Frank Osak and what he has done for the city of Shelton. I want to thank Mr. Osak on 60 years of commitment, honesty and integrity. He has been here for great and responsible development. He had put together the outline for what was once a great city. We never found his name in the paper regarding a federal investigation. I am glad he opened up about the changes being made that will ruin our city. We now have a Mayor trying to wear three hats. He has no problem telling the citizens he is a developer. How can you be a developer, meet with lawyers of developers and push his agenda of future development. Somehow this seems bias and unethical in my eyes. The new district that P&Z is creating will greatly benefit his recent purchase on Shelton Avenue. The basic concept is to stuff multi-family housing into single family zones. Now the developers will attack Huntington. If it keeps up you will find it in the White Hills right to the Monroe border. How is there fairness or integrity there. Now add in the Mayor running for Governor, how does he have the time to run the city and listen to the citizens. Please mayor, step up, pick a career and have the same integrity of a great and loyal citizen like Mr. Osak, To the P&Z, please listen to the citizens of Shelton. You were picked to work on behalf of us. Frank did his best for the people even though the position was unpaid. Just because it's not paid, we need to remember that the position is to help the citizens. We still need to do the job we were elected to do. I wish Mr. Osak the best on his retirement and one day we can create a Frank Osak award to a developer who creates a development that adds to not just the tax base. One that adds to the beauty of Shelton while honoring our history.