Honorary pavilion at Jones Family Farm nearly completed

The finishing touches to a pavilion dedicated to the late Philip Hubbell Jones at Jones Family Farm will be made in spring 2018.

“We will do a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony next spring with a plaque honoring Philip,” said Harbinson while admiring the structure that neighbors the farm’s winery. “To see it completed and have it in use is very exciting.”, Harbinson said the pavilion was recently put to use for the first time when it was the location used for a private family gathering.

“If he were to appear right now I think that he would be well-pleased and gratified,” said Harbinson. “It really is special.”

Composed of eastern white pine, white cedar, and solid black walnut, all of the trees used were planted by Jones himself, according to Harbinson.

“Everything you see here, except for the pegs, came from a tree that Phillip planted,” said Harbinson. “It really is art.”

The pegs used were not planted by Jones but were made from trees grown on the farm.

A man named Steve Strong has a sawmill in eastern Connecticut, created the design, and cut the timber before assembling the pavilion with the help of his team.

“He’s a master craftsman for sure,” said Harbinson.

Lights are not installed yet, but will illuminate the stone wall that surrounds the backside of the pavilion. Running through inside of the stonewall, and also a new addition to the farm, a water fixture now decorates the area that Harbinson said will be used for the farm’s cooking classes and wine tastings.

“When we did the terrace two years ago there was discussion of building a water feature later, but when the pavilion was added we felt this was a perfect spot to build it,” said Harbinson. “Not only is this addition beautiful, but it will give us some more flexibility with activities we host.”