Hospital, Freemasons offer child ID kits

Griffin Hospital’s Community Outreach and Valley Parish Nurse Program are teaming with the Connecticut Freemasons are helping keep children safe with a free Child Identification Program (CHIP) on Saturday, Nov. 21, from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. at the hospital, 130 Division Street, Derby.
CHIP is a comprehensive child identification tool designed to give families a measure of protection by assembling information critical to locating a missing child.
The program is offered free of charge to the parents or legal guardians and consists of providing a computer disk with:
• An interview of your child.
• A digital photo of your child.
• Digital fingerprints.
• Information supplied by you about your child.
• A dental “tooth print” of your child’s bite pattern plus a DNA swab sample will also be taken for the CHIP kit.
All the information is given to the parent or guardian and none of it is stored for any other party.
To register, call 203-732-1523.