Hospital offers health insurance, medicare counseling

St. Vincent’s Medical Center is offering a free program of health insurance and Medicare information and counseling to the public every week. Individuals can meet with the health insurance specialist by appointment in the privacy of the Banks Library located at St. Vincent’s.

The one-to-one information sessions are conducted by Susan Tracy, an attorney and trained volunteer with Connecticut’s Program for Health Insurance Assistance, Outreach, Information and Referral, Counseling and Eligibility Screening (also known as CHOICES), who helps seniors explore their options in health insurance, supplemental coverage and later life care arrangements. The purpose of the “CHOICES” program is to enable older persons to understand and exercise their rights, receive benefits to which they are entitled and make informed choices about quality of life issues.

Tracy answers questions regarding Medicare benefits, Medicare Supplemental, managed care and prescription plans, appeals, claims, medical bills, covered versus non-covered expenses, advanced directives, and assists individuals in filing Medicare and insurance forms. In addition Tracy will counsel individuals on selection of assisted-living or long-term care facilities and issues surrounding these options.

To schedule an appointment or for more information contact St. Vincent’s Volunteer Office at 203-576-5111.