Huntington Fire Co. makes tribute to veterans

Huntington Volunteer Fire Co. did a tribute to two of its "old timers" for Veterans Day 2017. One of which is a WWII Veteran who served under General Patton in the battle of the Bulge.

"After marching this morning we surprised one of our life active members Jack Kramer with a visit to his house,” said Captain Jason Mitchell. “Each member individually saluted Jack and thanked him for his service. Jack Kramer, a WW ll veteran, served under General Patton in the battle of the Bulge, received two purple hearts and came back home to serve in the fire service for 67 years giving back to his community.”

The fire company also honored Bill Nicholas, another "old timer" from the Huntington Fire family who is a fixture around the firehouse, according to Mitchell.
“We take pride in our heritage and are grateful for the brotherhood/sisterhood in our Fire Company,” said Mitchell. ”Thank you to all who made the ultimate sacrifice and thank you Jack for your service and for our freedom.”