‘I will continue to work my hardest for all Shelton residents’

I am grateful for voters support as I was re-elected to the Planning & Zoning Commission.

The Planning & Zoning Commission is the economic engine for the City of Shelton, where business begins and where the economic future of Shelton is discussed and decided.

I’m looking forward to continuing to serve on the Planning & Zoning Commission where I will continue to be a voice for the kind of balanced development that maintains our tax-base, preserves your neighborhood and enhances our quality of life.

I will continue to work with those elected - Republicans and Democrats - to plan for our future with smart growth, considering our road and infrastructure needs; while focusing on a more vibrant Downtown Shelton.

I will continue to work my hardest for all Shelton residents and I thank you for supporting my efforts.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.