Incumbent McGorty wins over Capinera (Video)

Incumbent State Representative Ben McGorty(R) won district 122 over Angela Capinera of the Green Party by a landslide. McGorty won by 87 percent, taking 7,810 votes over 2,077 votes for Capinera.

“Myself, Jason Perillo, and Kevin Kelly, we did our best, our numbers are good and it looks like Shelton, Stratford and Trumbull really took care of Republican candidates this time,” McGorty said.

Prior to his win, McGorty reiterated what he plans to do when he returns to Hartford.

“I ran a good race. My opponent did what she had to do, and everything is going like it was, and we are going back to Hartford and get back to chipping away at Malloy bad policies,” McGorty said.

McGorty said he will be back in Hartford to caucus and work on moving the Republican agenda forward. He said when they are back in session in January, hopefully they will get more seats and take over the majority of the party.

Shelton Board of Education Chairman Mark Holden commented about McGorty’s prior to winning.

“He’s been doing a great job for us and we find that he has been good about supporting education, which is important to me as Chairman of the Board of Ed, and also it looks like Jason is going to do well and he’s also been a strong supporter of education.”

Shelton residents commented on McGorty’s win and shared what they would like to see from him as he goes back to Hartford.

“I’m very happy that he won, and I would like to see him give more support to the local schools,” said Alicia Riggs of Shelton.

Ruth Wieczorkowski of Shelton said she would like to see McGorty work to lower taxes.

McGorty has said in a past interview with the Herald that if re-elected that he would continue working to eliminate the tax on pensions and Social Security to increase the amount of seniors that stay in Connecticut.

One supporter came to support the Republican Party in Shelton, although he was from Bridgeport.

“I wish my city would vote the same way that Shelton does because it would be a better state if they would,” Mike Cresiski said.

Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti commented on McGorty win and the Republican Party in Shelton.

“This should come as no surprise,” Mayor Lauretti said. “These seats have been in Republican control for forty years and it’s about responding to what reflects our community and what the people need. Our representatives for the past forty years have done that in very fine fashion.”