Inline Plastics pleased with results produced from solar panels

Last fall, Inline Plastics announced the installation of a 2500-panel rooftop solar system. Designed to generate more than 1.2 million Kilowatts of power annually, this system would harness clean, solar energy that would supplement almost 15% of the manufacturing facility's energy needs.

The company recently released the first performance metrics for the completed system.

Since going live in the spring, almost 600,000 pounds of carbon have been offset by production from the New York-based EnterSolar system. That's the equivalent of saving almost 300 trees and eliminating 267,000 vehicle miles off the road. As yesterday marked the Summer Solstice, the long days and increased sun exposure mean the company expects energy outputs to continue to rise each month.

“After careful planning, preparation and installation, we are proud to now be capturing and producing significant amounts of clean energy,” announced Tom Orkisz, president and Owner of Inline Plastics.