Ins and outs of Pokémon Go

There seems to be a handful of popular opinions when it comes to the new mobile app Pokémon Go. Whether you’ve downloaded the game and are out to become the next Pokémon Master, or you think it’s a complete waste of time and you can’t wait until the craze blows over, let other people do what they want to do.

Since the game was released earlier in July, people of all ages have begun to get out of their homes in search of Pokémon. People can be seen walking and biking in groups, discovering or visiting parts of their cities or towns they hadn’t been familiar with. Some of those same people have quickly built a network of players who they previously hadn’t known.

The increase in person-to-person interaction is something that phones and the internet have affected drastically over the years. Although the majority of Pokémon players are focused on their phones when they’re playing, they’re still interacting with a circuit of other players.

The positive results that have come as a result of the new app shouldn’t be denied, but the negatives and dangers should be considered by parents of young players as well as by all other age groups.

One of the most important safety hazards that has surfaced is the use of the app while driving. State Police have already released a set of tips ordering drivers to refrain from the form of distracted driving.

State Police also warn players of the app to not be lured into unsafe or unfamiliar areas alone, as there have already been reports of players being robbed while in search of Pokémon. Not wandering into unfamiliar areas while playing the game also means that players should keep from trespassing.

In order to assure all players safety and enjoyment, when playing at night, be sure to wear visible colors, be aware of your surroundings and do not enter traffic.