Intermediate School bus driver arrested mid-route

Superintendent Dr. Chris Clouet said a bus driver who was transporting Intermediate School students Friday afternoon, will never drive in Shelton again after he was arrested mid-route for "erratic" driving.

"The investigation is ongoing but that's the information that we have as well," said Dr. Clouet. "We felt he was putting our students in danger and so we had, in consultation with police, him stopped and removed from the bus."

Dr. Clouet said students on the bus contacted their parents who then contacted Shelton Intermediate School and Dr. Clouet who ultimately contacted the police and bus company to have the driver removed.

"We sub-contract our drivers. So, they're not our employees," said Dr. Clouet. "The bus drivers are employees of Landmark Transportation. Our job is to make sure the kids are safe and they were not doing that."

Dr. Clouet published this message on the city's school website.

"An incident regarding a school bus driver putting students in a dangerous situation occurred on Friday afternoon. Police and school district officials are investigating. While this is both a legal and personnel issue, parents and students can be assured that the driver in question will NEVER drive a school bus in Shelton again!"

Shelton Intermediate School Headmaster Ken Saranich said he too was limited as to what details he could release.

"At this time, the school system is working with the Shelton police in investigating this matter.  The only comment that I can make at this time is that all students arrived home safely," said Saranich.

The identity of the driver hasn't been released, nor the aftermath of him being removed from the bus.

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