Internet safety night for parents set: 'Parents need to improve their Internet safety skills'

An evening about Internet Safety for Valley parents will be presented Wednesday March 11 from 7-8:30 p.m. at Seymour Middle School, 211 Mountain Road. It is being sponsored by the Seymour public school system.

It is open to any parent from Shelton, Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Derby, Oxford and Seymour who wants to learn about the Internet trends and techniques that are being used online by the predators and by children.

Parents are encouraged to attend this very informative event,” said Nancy Snopkowski, associate school superintendent in Seymour 

What are your children doing online?

The program will be presented by Scott Driscoll, of Internet Safety Concepts. Driscoll will give parents tips on what to do to prevent a dangerous situation from happening.

Parents will see firsthand how what their children do online now can have long term negative effects on their future.

Some of the areas Driscoll is set to cover are:  social networking, texting/sexting, cyber bullying, picture sharing, gaming sites/apps, video chats, geo-tagging. and creating a digital footprint.

Parents need to improve their Internet safety skills, not due to a lack of trust of their own children, but due to the fact that our children are sharing information about themselves with millions of people," said Driscoll. "Not all of those millions are nice and honest people.”

This program is intended for parents only.

Anyone with questions about the presentation can call Rich Kearns, security director for the Seymour public schools, at 203-888-2561, ext. 1003.