It's badly broke

As recently as two years ago, I too would have applied the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” to our government here in Shelton. Then I started looking more closely.

  • A strip club is in the pipeline, in the space currently occupied by Hunan Pan.

  • We are approving high-density housing at a dizzying pace. No neighborhoods are safe. There are whole books written about how high-density inevitably goes downhill over time.

  • We have relaxed zoning standards in order to create open space. Sounds good until you find out that people are helping themselves to the open space, including clear cutting forest and building sheds. And nothing is being done to enforce basic land theft law.

  • Our Planning & Zoning Chairwoman refuses to speak out against zoning applications that begin with closed-door meetings with the Mayor. What the Mayor wants is not necessarily what the residents want, and our Charter states that no one person should be making these decisions.

I am pro-development! There will no doubt be some excellent development proposals over the next couple of years….but also some that are extravagantly inappropriate. We need a P&Z Board that knows which is which, is unafraid to take action accordingly, and has been bought and paid for by nobody. Vote Tickey, Pagoda and Widomski for Planning & Zoning to ensure responsible development that benefits all.