Jones Farm in Shelton supports effort to help puppy with medical needs

Jones Family Farms in Shelton has donated pumpkins to help a therapy puppy in need.

Hope, a 9-week-old Chinese crested powder puff puppy, may be small in size but has made an enormous impact on the Hope Academy school community in Orange.

School Administrator Gina Little chose to rescue the puppy after learning about her medical needs, including an inguinal hernia.

The puppy began accompanying Little to school every day, and students quickly bonded with Hope and rallied to raise money to pay for the surgery.

Jones Family Farms in Shelton then donated pumpkins to the school to be sold as a way to raise money for the cause.

A veterinarian at Norwalk Veterinary Hospital soon offered to do the surgery at no cost, so previous fund-raising proceeds now will be donated to animals in need.

Hope is being raised as a therapy dog at Hope Academy, helping to bond students and staff.

—as edited by Brad Durrell for the Shelton Herald