Josh Bednarsky looks to produce 'Crowned'

Josh Bednarsky is looking to make webisodes of Crowned to further his career, and is hoping for some community support to help with production costs.

"Making a web series is a way top create your own material," said Bednarsky, who is originally from Shelton and now living in California.

He and his wife Brianne Sanborn are producing the series. The episodes will feature straight from reality events that Sanborn ran into in her job as a "princess" visiting kids' birthday parties. They hope this will be a way to further their acting careers.

The two have set up a Kickstarter page. This is a format where people, who have set a fund-raising goal, to collect money. If Bednarsky does not collect the $8,000 he is asking for to create eight episodes, he won't get any of the money to put to use in the production.

They have enlisted the services of professional actors, a director and will expect to have costs in the production of the eight episodes. Shelton High School graduate Kurt Peterson will also be taking part in the venture.

To learn more about this project or to make a donation (even $5 will help), visit

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