Kelly hosts insurance forum at capitol

Senator Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) hosted an insurance forum at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford to address the rising cost of healthcare and job creation in the insurance industry on Dec. 19.

“I think yesterday’s forum was a huge success,” said Senator Kelly. “I want to extend a sincere thank you to all of our panelists – without their insight and willingness to discuss the issues we cannot move forward with new ideas.”

The panelists included:  Assistant Vice President of Government Relations at Mass Mutual Hugh Barrett, President of the Insurance Association of Connecticut Eric George, Assistant Counsel with CBIA Jennifer Herz,  President of the Connecticut Captive Insurance Association Thomas Hodson, Statehouse Associates and State Director for NFIB Andrew Markowski, Robinson and Cole and Connecticut Association of Health Plans  Keith Stover, Chief Executive Officer from Access Health CT James Wadleigh , NFIB Member and Health Insurance Broker Rick Willard.

“As legislators we often have the opportunity to discuss our ideas and ways in which we can improve our state. Today was the first step in listening to how the insurance industry thinks we can do better as it relates to health care costs and job creation. What I heard today is that there is state-based action that we can take to help reduce the cost drivers of insurance premiums which may bring welcomed relief to the hard working middle class families of Connecticut.”

“This productive dialogue should be encouraged as it will help us foster healthcare in our state that is affordable and accessible to Connecticut families. It will also help us look to the future and evaluate the best ways to create jobs in the insurance market so we can continue to be the Insurance Capital.”