LETTER:Board of A&T requests budget reports

It has come to my attention that the Board of Apportionment and Taxation for the City of Shelton has only met once so far this fiscal year, when it is scheduled to meet on a monthly basis. The meeting was held on Oct. 27, 2016, the same night as the town hall debate between Adam Heller and Jason Perillo, candidates for State Representative. Only one request for a line-item budget transfer was submitted to the Board, from the Parks and Recreation Department. Given where we are in the fiscal year, it seems unlikely that other City departments are not running in the red on certain lines and in need of transfer requests as well. If line-item transfers are needed, why are these other departments not coming forward to the Board of Apportionment and Taxation to make their requests?

In addition, the Board has repeatedly requested to be provided with timely monthly budget run reports, even for those months that the Board does not meet. From time to time, the Board has also requested information from the Finance Director regarding certain budgetary items. It is my understanding that there is not always compliance with the Board’s simple requests. It should not require a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in order for an oversight board to obtain the necessary information to perform the essential functions of their position, but it seems like this may be necessary.