LETTER: Bridgeport Ave.

Shelton residents may wish to give careful attention to the Planning and Zoning meeting on Wednesday, April 27 at 7 pm. During that meeting, P&Z will vote on a zone change for a project for Bridgeport Avenue, Mill Street (a designated scenic road), and Buddington Road. The project involves a 9 story, 450 unit residential tower, huge retail spaces, assisted living facilities, and office complexes. It will destroy an historic trail and 121 acres of forest that provides a needed buffer for surrounding communities. Experts for the project estimate that its 3000 parking spaces will add 700-2000 cars per hour onto Bridgeport Avenue and will include a four-lane exit road onto the narrow, windy Buddington Road. If the project goes through, Bridgeport Avenue will likely resemble the Post Road with its traffic volume and congestion. The project will blast extensively in very close range to the Iroquois Pipeline and CL&P high voltage towers and will have significant flooding impact to all surrounding areas. The significant costs to Shelton taxpayers in the form of additional students in our schools, road and drainage upgrades, and a larger burden on police have not been calculated. It will also strain the existing commitment of our brave volunteer firefighters to serve Shelton efficiently and safely. Those with concerns are encouraged to write P&Z Chair Ruth Parkins, 54 Hill Street, Shelton, CT 06484, attend the zoning change hearing on April 27, and visit  for maps, government resources, and additional information.