LETTER: City Police department accredited

The City of Shelton has received many accolades and awards since the Lauretti Republican Administration was voted into office in 1991. With the efforts and confidence of the Mayor and the men and women of the Shelton Police Department on this past Thursday, Nov. 17 Shelton Police Captain Shawn Sequeira along with Mayor Mark Lauretti and Board of Alderman President John Anglace attended a special ceremony at the Connecticut Police Academy.  They were there to receive a plaque and certificate to acknowledge the Shelton Police Department had been become an accredited police department joining only 14 other departments in the state of Connecticut who have been able to obtain this high honor as a Tier 1 Police Department.

The process to become accredited required a thorough review by auditors and inspectors from both state and federal law enforcement agencies in May and in August of this year to finally certify and award the accreditation.   The auditors painstakingly reviewed the police officers performance, the written policies they were dedicated to follow and most importantly certify that the policies were being followed along with a thorough physical inspection of the Shelton Police Department facility to assure it was well built, maintained and met all safety codes.

In Fairfield County only three police departments are now accredited.  Shelton joins this elite group which previously included only the Monroe and Norwalk Police Departments.  Over 40 of the states bigger and smaller cities and towns around the state have tried for multiple years to be accredited but only 15 can claim they are accredited.

This should assure every Shelton citizen and person who comes to Shelton to work or for recreation that they are protected by the men and women of an accredited Police Department.   This certification lessens the liability on the city because our police personnel are performing their duties in a more professional manner.  This is also important when we see so many other law enforcement departments being criticized across the state and the country for not following protocol.  

The certification also affords the Shelton Police Department the opportunity to apply for local and state grants for special programs and equipment, and moving forward to be eligible for the Tier 2 and Tier 3 Certifications that can lead to larger grants from federal law enforcement agencies.

It is a feather in the cap of every Shelton police officer and the police department administrative staff to have earned this accreditation.  The Shelton Police Department will make a formal announcement of its accreditation at the first meeting of the Board of Alderman on December 8th.  The Board of Alderman meetings are always open to the public and held at 7P in the auditorium at Shelton City Hall on Hill St.  We hope the public will come out to recognize the achievement of the Shelton Police Department at that time.   And always remember to respect those men and women in blue who have sworn to protect you and your loved ones.

The Shelton Police Department will also be honoring one of its own earlier in December when it bids good bye to one of it's home town career officers, Sgt. Kevin Ahern.

We want to thank Kevin for his 30 years of service to the City of Shelton and wish him the best in his retirement.