LETTER: Dangerous driving in our city

With great sadness, and with our ever growing population of drivers in the City of Shelton, car accident tragedies seemingly are on the rise -and in too many instances, fatal.

Reading the editorial from the May 19th edition of the Shelton Herald “Be a Responsible Driver” I would like to reinforce the great points made in that article.

I live and also work in Shelton, and I am amazed at the consistent violation of speed limits, drivers who blatantly go through red lights, drivers gliding (or not stopping at all) at posted stop signs, dangerous tailgating, drivers cutting each other off, road-rage and what appears to be most drivers with cell phones in their hand -and certainly distracted from driving.

What is going on? Have we lost our minds?

I have two young-adult’s daughters driving in Shelton and my strong and consistent recommendation to them are as follows:

1.Obey speed limits not matter how “slow” they may appear to be posted. 25 m.p.h. means just that. It doesn’t mean 40 or 50 m.p.h.

2.Just because a traffic light turns green doesn’t not mean you automatically step on the gas; instead, look both ways for cars that are flying through red lights or emergency vehicles trying to get through (and by the way, keeping your radio at reasonable limits so you can hear emergency vehicle sirens).

3.        DO NOT tailgate people; elderly people tend to drive slower and many people do obey the posted speed limits, however “slow” they might be.

4.Give the appropriate amount of space between the other vehicle. Tailgating causes accidents!

5.Absolutely not cellular usage while driving. It’s simply a dangerous distraction.

6.Drinking and then driving -don’t even think about it.

7.STAY ALERT to other drivers. Be on the defensive always.

8.Be respectful of the traffic laws and of other drivers.

These are the simple basics. They can save your life and other people’s lives.

Accidents are costly in many ways such as bodily injury that can last a lifetime, insurance rates go up (typically) after car accidents, there is lost time at work, out of pocket costs and the myriad of after-accident lawsuits.

So much of this is avoidable if we all slow down and pay attention while we drive. It really is.

Let’s make this a safe summer and rest of year.