LETTER:Election Day approaching

Election Day is fast approaching. The Registrar of voters office has added some 3,665 new voters since the beginning of the year. The Registrar of voters office recently mailed out an orange remainder card to Registered of Voters households in the city. Absentee ballot can only be obtained at the Town Clerk's office located at 54 Hill Street.

Connecticut General Statutes address actives prohibited in and near polling place. Please take the time to read the 75 foot markers posted outside all our polling stations.  One can’t offer any advertising matter, ballot or circular to another person within a radius of seventy-five feet of any outside or loiter within a radius of seventy-five feet of any outside entrance in use as an entry to any polling place or in any corridor, passageway or other approach leading from any such outside entrance to such polling place or in any room opening upon any such corridor. No person shall wear anything inside the 75 foot marker promoting a candidate.  

Both Registrars have authorized several boy and Girl Scout, Cheerleader organizations to hold bake sales or other fund-raising activities on the day of election in all the schools used as a polling place, Please support them.

For those who were unable to register and wish to vote, Election Day Registration will be open the same hours as all the polling stations but ONLY at 54 Grove Street. You will become a registered voter and issued a ballot.